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Mirror Party is a free software project to build distributed, censorship-resistant mirror networks. It's designed to circumvent most forms of web censorship: DDOS, hostname/IP filtering and deep packet inspection. Mirror Party's unique advantage is that it works in existing web browsers, with no additional software required. It recreates the user experience of browsing a single website from content replicated on multiple servers. The project will enable activists and NGOs to facilitate free speech by helping website owners create mirror networks. See an example use case or extensive technical details.

Party Supplies

  • Browser Client: Javascript code that transparently browses a mirror network using off-the-shelf web browsers and servers. Content is obfuscated and encrypted, thwarting many forms of web censorship. No additional software needs to be installed, dramatically increasing audience reach.
  • Mirroring Tools: software utilities for cloning a site, replicating content and hosting. They can be used independently and are intended to serve as a foundation for this and other mirroring projects.
  • Social Mirroring: mirrorparty.org (this site) will be the world's first social mirroring service - automatically matching censored sites with volunteer servers. The community of volunteers will collaboratively choose which content is hosted.

Learn More

Read the documentation, browse a demo site, watch a video, or go straight to the code.

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